Millions of people continue to risk their livelihood by resisting the military coup with non-violent actions. Fascist military forces have killed over 900 people and arrested over 5000 protestors unjustly. Despite these grave threats, Myanmar people are still resisting on the streets, in cities, rural areas, and in some cases have fled into the jungles. Support us to sustain the resistance, to restore our freedom and to establish Peoples’ Democracy in Myanmar.

On February 1, the Myanmar military junta staged a coup and forcefully took power from the elected government. Millions of people across the country have protested since the early days of the coup. Doctors and nurses who in earliest participated in the civil disobedience movement were later joined by the teachers, students, railway workers and civil servants from different sectors. Also, workers, especially thousands of garment workers took to the streets to protest the coup.

Throughout February, people rallied through mass protests and demonstrations on the streets, and raids and arrests of protest leaders began. Starting in March, police crackdown on the protesters intensified as they used rubber and live bullets and shot the protesters, often aiming at head. As of July 20, 922 civilians have been killed and 5315 are under detention; of them 255 are sentenced and 1963 have been issued arrest warrants.

Military junta also use other strategies to oppress the movement around the country such as receiving protesters personal information from informants, then raiding the homes of protest leaders and arresting their family members as hostages if protest leaders are not present. Finally, arrest and murder of protestors has been pervasive.

Yet, despite these grave threats, people in different parts of the country continues to show their dissent in important ways. Since large rallies have been heavily policed by police/military or plain-clothed police in civilian cars--including attempts to arrest protestors by driving their cars into the protest crowds--protestors have turned to “flash mob street protests.” The barbaric acts by the military have pushed many people to organize themselves into resistance groups to protect the unarmed civilians against the plunder by the military and to fight for the freedom and peoples’ democracy in Myanmar. For this peoples’ struggle against the fascist military regime in Myanmar, we kindly ask your support in order for us to sustain the resistance and establish the peoples’ democracy.

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