Internationalen Konföderation der Arbeiter*innen (IKA) Solidaritätserklärung an die Genoss*innen in Rojova.

(Englisch:International confederation of Labor (ICL))

ICL Website (Englsich) 

To: our comrades of the Internationalist Commune and all brothers and sisters fighting for
revolution in Northern Syria

Solidarity, always!

Dearest Comrades:

We have been following the news and the latest developments with a heavy heart. We are
extremely worried and concerned for your safety and for the well-being of all the local population.

The readiness of the Turkish state to take the place of the defeated DAESH fascists in waging war
against humanity in Northern Syria is as worrisome as it is telling.

However, we are sure that Democratic Confederalism will live on, no matter the odds. The great
sacrifices already done will not be lost, will not be in vain. The revolution in Northern Syria already
is a page in the history of the struggles of the working class, worldwide. What you have built over
these years, under the most difficult circumstances, is something for all peace- loving people in the
planet to take pride on. A yet unfinished chapter in the fight for freedom that will continue in the
years to come, once the murderous designs of the Turkish fascists are defeated.

As before, as always, rest assured of our unwavering solidarity in building up the bright future that
Democratic Confederalism has.

We are painfully aware that our support will always fall short of what is required or desirable. We’d
wish our words were bullets. We’d wish this letter could bring down the Turkish drones. Alas, it can

We’ll be with you every inch of the road, though. Our thoughts and our hearts will always
accompany you. And when the revolution finally conquers justice and peace for the people of
Northern Syria and elsewhere in the world, we’ll share your joy.

We wish you the best for the days and years to come from the bottom of our hearts.
In solidarity,

Miguel Perez, secretary of the International Confederation of Labour.